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How to fix WooCommerce “Outdated Files” warnings

When WooCommerce or the theme you’re using isn’t being updated properly, you might see warnings in your Admin Panel that requires you to update these old WooCommerce templates.

This is caused due to conflicts between the current WooCommerce version and theme version.

Solving the Outdated Templates warnings:

1. First, make sure you have the latest WordPress version.

2. Delete both the plugin and the theme (either via the admin panel, or through an FTP client. Note that if you made any customizations to the theme files they might be lost, so it is always recommended to use a child theme )

3. Download through Themeforest the most recent version of the theme (simply by going into your ‘Donwnloads’ section and download the item again)

4. Install the theme, and then the newest version of WooCommerce.  (Once again, this could be done either from the admin panel or through an FTP client)

At this point you shouldn’t have any outdated files warnings. If you closely followed the above steps, and still see the warning, please go ahead and check your live site.
If everything looks correct it’s probably a simple warning about the version number, so you can dismiss the warning.
Note – It is always recommended that you make a full backup before changing/removing files. However, all of your site’s information (such as posts, plugins settings etc.) should be saved within the database.